Our well-known products such as the Flap RudderTLKSR® Twisted Rudder, Mewis Duct® and the Becker Twisted Fin® are based on over 69 years of successful business in the world’s shipping and shipbuilding industry. Becker products have been installed on well over 8,000 vessels and we still continue to improve and further develop manoeuvring solutions for the future.

Becker has teamed up with several international industries and institute partners to jointly develop even better products. We use global trademarks and industrial property rights to protect our knowledge base.

• Mewis Duct
• Twisted Fin
• Becker Flap Rudder
• Twisted Flap Rudder (TLFKSR)
• Twisted Rudder (TLKSR)
• NACA or Special Profile Rudder
• Schilling / SHARC Rudder
• Steerable Becker Nozzle
• Bulb
• Becker Intelligent Monitoring System (BIMS)