Parat Halvorsen is Norway’s leading supplier of steam and heat solutions. We deliver complete systems to land-based industries, ships and the offshore sector. Parat Halvorsen boilers are in daily use in all corners of the world – and we are proud of having delivered products with our trademark of quality and reliability.
Our vision is to be a preferred and leading supplier of specialized heating solutions to demanding customers around the world. We have a long and proven track record of deliveries to both land based and offshore installations. We are known for our quality and reliability and our products have in many cases been known to outlast the vessel or facility in which they were installed.

Over the years since its inception in 1842 and the first boiler delivery in 1920 the company has developed from a fabricator into a systems provider. Today our main projects have a significant clean energy focus and we strive to help our clients find the most sustainable solutions for their vessel or facility.

• Steam Boilers
• Hot Water Boilers
• Combined Oil Fired & Exhaust Gas Boiler
• Oil Fired Smoke Tube Boiler
• High Voltage Electrode Boiler
• Tank Heating Solutions